The random movie design podcast

1 Jun June

It's episode 17 and we're here to say, we can make up raps any day! Matt suggests delving into the origins of one of our favorite and most beloved B-Roll characters: MC Kevin. Growing up isn't easy, especially for a 12 year old rap lover going to a religious school. Back to school for the first day after summer break, Kevin makes enemies with Phat Eric who challenges Kevin to a fight. It's only when the principal steps in do these two boys decide to sqaush their beef with rap. It's the origin story nobody needed to hear. It's the Ballad of MC Kevin!

 Welcome to B-Roll, the comedy podcast where two filmmakers try to write a screenplay using the power of random dice rolls. Here, we encourage chaos and actively search for it. So, each week, one of the presenters (Robert Taylor, Matthew Bauckman) suggests three movie titles to the other. From there on in, the dice are rolled and a Hollywood blockbuster is created. Episodes are released every Thursday!

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