The random movie design podcast

27 Jul July

See? We are back to a regular schedule! Last week wasn't a one-off and we're gonna be hitting Thursday every week from here on out. It was Matt's turn to suggest his movie titles this week and the boys ended up settling upon "Tuesdays with Meathead". An old man named Edgar is sent to a retirement home after hearing the voice of God where he must share a room with his high school bully. Times have changed but his school-rival, Marty, hasn't. Edgar falls in love for the first time since the death of his wife with whom he decides to prank Marty and get his own-back one final time. What could that prank be? Saran wrap on the toilet? A bucket of water over a door? Cutting his hands off with an axe? Find out on B-Roll!

 P.S. Matt seems to dislike Rogue One.

 Welcome to B-Roll, the comedy podcast where two filmmakers try to write a screenplay using the power of random dice rolls. Here, we encourage chaos and actively search for it. So, each week, one of the presenters (Robert Taylor, Matthew Bauckman) suggests three movie titles to the other. From there on in, the dice are rolled and a Hollywood blockbuster is created. Episodes are released every Thursday!

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