The random movie design podcast

3 Aug August

So we're attempting taking a second run at a film that we think got title wrong. Last time it was Baby Driver (where's the baby Edgar?!) and this time it's the Brad Pitt film Legends of the Fall. We get it, maybe the fall was metaphorical but we demand someone fall from somewhere high! Our film follows our clumsy hero who comes back from Vietnam and is shunned by his community after his injuries cause him to embarrass himself in front of the whole village. He gets sent to the drunk tank and meets a daring stuntman who gives him the push he needs. After a murder plot and some homoerotic subtext we finally get the fall we demanded. Join us this week for "Legends of the Fall".

 Welcome to B-Roll, the comedy podcast where two filmmakers try to write a screenplay using the power of random dice rolls. Here, we encourage chaos and actively search for it. So, each week, one of the presenters (Robert Taylor, Matthew Bauckman) suggests three movie titles to the other. From there on in, the dice are rolled and a Hollywood blockbuster is created. Episodes are released every Thursday!

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