The random movie design podcast

17 Aug August

So, a long title for this one. Rob's getting married this Saturday so the boys decided to do a shorter episode this week which they've so aptly titled a "Quick Flick". The boys recorded this episode and the next episode back-to-back but things will be back to normal once Rob is a married man.

 This week they took suggestions from the community for the second ever Community Special episode. They finally decide upon the film "Taxi Rider", starring Patrick Stewart as a talking car after his body was transferred after being victim to a hit-and-run accident. Him and his son must then hunt down the man who killed him to get some vigilante justice. It's the talking car film starring Patrick Stewart that you never knew you needed. It's "Taxi Rider".

 Welcome to B-Roll, the comedy podcast where two filmmakers try to write a screenplay using the power of random dice rolls. Here, we encourage chaos and actively search for it. So, each week, one of the presenters (Robert Taylor, Matthew Bauckman) suggests three movie titles to the other. From there on in, the dice are rolled and a Hollywood blockbuster is created. Episodes are released every Thursday!

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