The random movie design podcast

24 Aug August

 Rob got married last Saturday so the boys decided to do a shorter episode this week which they've so aptly titled a "Quick Flick". The boys recorded this episode and the previous episode back-to-back but things will be back to normal next week.

Rob's turn to come up with suggestions this week and the boys finally land on the film "Girl Vanish". The Gone Girl reboot starring Casey Affleck instead of Ben. The boys roll horror so the film takes a very strange turn where it becomes more Saw than Gone Girl. Squash Boston (Casey Affleck) is accused of murdering his wife, Squamy, who mysteriously disappears. While in attendance at a press conference, one woman who looks familiar asks Squash to a local diner to get more answers. Who is this mysterious lady? Is it Squash's wife? Will we find all of this out? The answer is yes in this horror reboot of Gone Girl. It's 'Girl Vanish'!

 Welcome to B-Roll, the comedy podcast where two filmmakers try to write a screenplay using the power of random dice rolls. Here, we encourage chaos and actively search for it. So, each week, one of the presenters (Robert Taylor, Matthew Bauckman) suggests three movie titles to the other. From there on in, the dice are rolled and a Hollywood blockbuster is created. Episodes are released every Thursday!

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